Mummy Brown - The Fabled Pigment Resurrected

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Mummy Brown - The Fabled Pigment Resurrected

After 4 years of complete fascination/ on and off research with the color Mummy Brown I have finally been able to document the genuine color and publish a book on it.

Roughly 200 years ago, artists were painting with the pulverized remains of Egyptian mummies. This color was available in art shops until the mid-20th-century when it disappeared due to laws and scarcity of mummies to make paint from.

The unique opportunity has presented itself for this color to be adequately documented. I reproduce this historical color using Egyptian mummy fragments from the revered Billy Jamieson collection. The fragments that I have obtained are said to have once been housed with Ramses II in the Niagara Falls History Museum, which Jamieson purchased in 1999. The result is the comprehensive never before seen color profile for this fabled color.

Join me in my quest for Mummy Brown!

You can purchase my definitive book on Mummy Brown with this link-