Mummy Brown - The Fabled Pigment Resurrected

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Mummy Brown - The Fabled Pigment Resurrected


It has been roughly a year since I last updated this research blog. I have some big news in regards to my Mummy Brown research- Through a mutually beneficial trade I have acquired some genuine Egyptian human Mummy fragment remains that I will be using for testing and recreating historical Mummy Brown! This new chapter in my research has spurred me onwards to writing and publishing a book on the color Mummy Brown consulting all of my prior and future research on the topic.

This book will be the most thorough, and complete look at the historic color ever written and I believe that it will contribute much to art history academia as well as be a fascinating read for the average person who is not artistically inclined. There will be many beautiful images, data, and stories within. I am not 100% sure when the book will be completed, but I am working on it full-fledged as of the past week. I will be updating my blog again once the book is completed.

Also- I will be discontinuing the sale of my Mummy Brown (reproduction) oil paint talked about in this blog very soon and replacing it with a Mummy Brown (HUE), in accordance with my other 2 historic HUE oil paints (Emerald Green, and Tyrian Purple). The HUE that I will create will maintain a very close hue to historical Mummy Brown, as well as its transparent handling characteristics.

Expect 2 future updates for this blog entry-

1. The announcement of my Mummy Brown (HUE) oil paint for sale
2. The announcement of the completion of my book.

No further Mummy Brown research or tests will be posted in this blog. Everything going forward is being withheld for my book.

Take care!